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As an academic background, Raquel Mòdol holds a Bachelor's degree in English and Dutch studies (1996) and is certified with Technical Translation II training (1997), both issued by the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.


Since 1996, she has collaborated mainly as an in-house translator-proof reader for several types of team projects, which ranged from local-based manufacturing companies with a solid export activity to renowned corporations or institutions. Additionally, she is a committed linguist, aware of how important it is to organise the lexicon to be dealt with to guarantee text / discourse consistency.


She therefore has experience in translation and proofreading from English and Dutch into Spanish and Catalan, as well as in the building-up and maintenance of technical glossaries in those languages.

Member of the Official Association of Doctors and Bachelors in Philosophy, Arts and in Sciences in Catalonia.


Description of working procedure:

  • Text analysis through skimming, scanning and synthesizing in order to identify the subject area of the original document.

  • Pondering word choices on a functional and cultural basis for an accurate translation.

  • The translation of the document itself.

  • Quality assurance: use of word processing tools focused on proofreading.







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